Building a WA5VJB cheap Yagi for satellite work

After a long semester and spending the entire month of February in the library, I finally got some time to build hardware again.

Because I didn’t want to haul the entire Yaesu FT-857 setup to my parents house I decided to just take a Baofeng UV-5R and build a WA5VJB cheap Yagi which is also used in AMSAT demos at hamfests.


The construction was relatively simple. I used a 20mm piece of PVC pipe for the boom because it is easy to work with and lightweight enough to hold it in your hand while tracking a satellite. The elements are made out of 2.5mm diameter copper wire from the local hardware store. It works really nicely for the 70cm elements, the 2m elements bend a little under their own weight but it’s still usable.

Due to a lack of time I didn’t make any QSOs on either AO-85 or SO-50 but I managed to hear and track both of them while they were passing across the sky at JO40. The reason I didn’t TX was that I wanted to gain some experience tracking satellites first. Unfortunately there were no good passes the last few days and I returned to Dresden today (and didn’t take the antenna). The next step would be to build another antenna here in Dresden and then take it into the field (and look like an idiot trying to talk to aliens^^). Maybe I can build a more portable version so I can put in in a backpack.

The image below shows both dipole feed connections for the 2m and 70cm driven elements.


In this image you can see the diplexer that is used to connect both driven elements to the same radio.


Written by Elia on 23 March 2017