Moving to Dresden to study Electronics Engineering

Over the next couple of days I will be moving into my new apartment in Dresden as I will be studying Electronics Engineering at the TUD. Of course my dorm room is quite small so I can’t do any soldering and in general can’t have a work bench like I used to have in the basement at home. All the electronics work that involves soldering and more sophisticated debugging will be done at the Dresden hacker space Turmlabor which is conveniently only a short walk away from my apartment building.

Nonetheless I have taken a couple of dev boards and basic test and measurement equipment with me to be able to do some simple debugging work in my dorm room (which should be good enough for simple microcontroller work):

I hope I’ll be able to do some more electronics work (and be motivated do so despite the fact I’ll study EE) once I’ve got everything figured out here in the new city.

Cheers, Elia

Written by Elia on 21 September 2014