Setting up an STM32F10x working area

As I want to work with the STM32F10x microcontrollers in the future I had to set up a working area to compile my code in and use the peripheral library and while I was at it decided to share it with you should you be interested in these devices too. Setting up the working area […]

Workshop Update #4 – SD card and FAT16 implementation

This is the 4th workshop update! As you can see from the last two posts I am working on an SD card based data logger board. I have worked on getting the SD card communication protocol up and running and also have written my own FAT16 file system implementation (it’s pretty crude, though).

A look at the FAT16 filesystem

As you might know I am working on an SD datalogger project. In order to write data to the SD card and directly access it from the computer I need to implement FAT16 filesystem handling. I haven’t found any video about how exactly FAT works so I have made a video myself. Enjoy!

Measuring temperature with your microcontroller using NTCs

Often you want to measure environmental variables with your microcontroller, e.g. brightness, temperature, humidity, gas concentration etc. Measuring a temperature with a microcontroller can be done in several different ways depending on the accuracy required and temperature range involved. A thermistor (temperature dependent resistor) can be used as a cheap temperature sensor for temperatures ranging […]